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Coating Services

We offer complete powder coating, ecoating, and zinc plating capabilities all under one roof!

MPG Coating System Options

Below is an overview of the coating services we offer. MPG’s powder and ecoat systems are eco-friendly, with zero to low environmental pollution potential.


  • Automated Powder Coating System - 42”W x 90”H x 60”L
  • Automated Ecoat System - 18”W x 53”H x 48”L
  • Automated Zinc Plating Lines - 10’ part length limit


  • Proprietary 8-stage wash employing the latest pretreatment technology and custom chemistry
  • Media blasting (if needed) - featuring EcoBlast Technology
  • > Eco-friendly
    > Non toxic and non pollutant
    > Dust free
    > Mobile


  • Fully-automated
  • Manual applications (as-needed)
  • Adjoining powder coat and ecoat lines capable of operating independently for single coat applications, or in series for contiguous dual coating applications
  • Quick change powder coating color modules
  • On site zinc plating services provided through our affiliate Medina Plating Corporation (MPC)
  • Single, dual and triple coating capabilities all available under one roof!


  • 2 dedicated dry-off ovens
  • 2 independent gas-fired curing ovens

Coating Technologies

MPG offers the following full service coating technologies, all from one location!

  • Powder coat
  • Ecoat
  • Ecoat and powder coat
  • Zinc plating and ecoat
  • Zinc plating and powder coat
  • Zinc plating, ecoat, and powder coat

Additional Services

  • Final packing offline
  • Transportation fleet capable of pickup/delivery (within 100 mile radius of Cleveland, Ohio)
  • In-house media blasting
  • On-site laboratory

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